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that i can’t enjoy treme as much as i’d like

As you can probably guess, I’ve been watching Treme, as is every other blogger in New Orleans. There’s plenty of reactions out there, mostly positive but occasionally negative. So far I’m impressed. The attention to detail is phenomenal, the show feels right, and it’s gaining momentum as we start to delve deeper and deeper into understanding the main characters. I like this show a lot, and I want to throw myself into it. But I can’t. The hungry termite had a post in which she said that it’s “too soon” to see a show like this.

I’d say I have the opposite problem. For me, it’s too late. Continue reading ‘that i can’t enjoy treme as much as i’d like’

not giving Morstead enough credit

I’ve been asking people who they thought was the MVP of last night’s Saints win. Walking out of the Dome, my parents were uncertain. My friends at school opted for Drew Brees—3 TDs, no picks, a QB rating over 100—and Tracy Porter—who forced a fumble and made the crucial interception late in the game to keep the Vikes from having a chance at a long field goal attempt to win the game. My facebook friends chimed in with a number of other suggestions: Vilma, for a forced fumble, fumble recovery, and interception; Hartley, for the game-clincher; Pierre Thomas, with 99 yards from scrimmage, two TDs, and a crucial 40-yard kickoff return in overtime when he filled in for the injured Courtney Roby; and the entire d-line for the pressuring Favre. If I had to pick one of those guys, I’d probably go with Pierre Thomas or Jonathan Vilma. Brees wasn’t as accurate as he usually is—and I give the Vikings defensive line a great deal of credit for that. They didn’t sack him, but they kept him uncomfortable. Porter was picked on and gave up a pass interference penalty in the end zone. But there’s one guy who stood out above all the rest on a day when the Vikings outgained the Saints by a huge margin. One person tipped him as an “unsung hero,” then misspelled his name. That man? Thomas Morstead. He is, without a doubt, the MVP of the Saints’ victory. And though he may be considered an “unsung hero,” in this post I will sing of legs and the man. Continue reading ‘not giving Morstead enough credit’

the media’s brett favre obsession

There was much joy in New Orleans last night. The city’s beloved and long-beleaguered football team, the Saints, made history by reaching their first ever Super Bowl. After a giddy ride home through streets filled with cars and buses blaring their horns in celebration, past sidewalks crowded with revelers standing in their pickup trucks, past people waving and screaming from their doorways, I turned on the TV to see what the national media had to say about the game. The one thing they talked about most? Brett Favre! How on earth does the losing quarterback get so much airtime? Well, because he’s an attention whore who has the media eating out of his hand, hanging on his every word, and fawning over his every move. This had been pissing me off for a while, but last night was the last straw. Continue reading ‘the media’s brett favre obsession’